What is EPIC Card? Complete Details

Electors Photo Identity Card(EPIC) Details

Many people are confused about EPIC cards. They want to know what is EPIC Card. Actually, it is something that you most likely possess. It is just the name that might confuse you. You guessed it right! The EPIC card is none other than your own Voter ID card. Yes, Voter ID cards and EPIC cards are one and the same thing. EPIC is an acronym used for Electors Photo Identity Card.

To any Government, it is a big task to make sure that all the voters can cast their vote for their favorite candidate but is also very very important to make sure that the elections are conducted in a systematic manner so that there is no chance of bogus voting. The voter id cards or EPIC cards were introduced for this very reason. Do you know that the EPIC Card scheme was first of all implemented in 1979 in Sikkim? Comprehensive steps were then taken to enhance the availability of EPIC cards in all states of the country.

Who is Eligible to Apply for EPIC(or Voter) Card

As per the official ECI handbook:

Citizens of India who are 18 years old on 1st January of the year for which electoral roll is prepared are eligible to registered as voter in the Constituency where he/she resides.

Note: An electoral roll is a list that contains the names of all the eligible citizens who are entitled to cast their vote in the election.

How to Apply for EPIC Card?

If you are eligible(read eligibility details above) then you can apply for the EPIC Card. Official Enumerators visit door to door(Usually once in 5 years). The registration process can be done by them. In case you have missed it, you can apply yourself by filling the Application form number 6 and submitting it to the Electoral Registration officer.

Online EPIC Card Registration :

What is EPIC Card

Due to technical advancements, now it is also possible to make the online registration of EPIC Card/Voter ID Card. I will be writing a complete post on the step-by-step procedure of Online EPIC Card registration for detailed information.

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EPIC Cards Compulsory During Polling :

It is important for the voters to identify themselves at the time of the poll. Electors’ photo Identity Card is to be presented for identification purpose while polling.

Simply Having EPIC Card Doesn’t Ensure that you can Vote

Yes, that is right! Possession of an EPIC card doesn’t make you eligible to vote. Another most important thing is that your name must appear on the electoral roll.

The government has started a campaign to link aadhaar and epic card recently.

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