What is aadhaar password?

The password-protected e-Aadhaar electronic PDF copy downloaded from the Aadhaar portal or mAadhaar app is as valid as the physical Aadhaar letter delivered by post. But if a resident has not received the physical copy of Aadhaar letter, they always have the option of downloading an electronic version of the e-Aadhaar PDF file from UIDAI’s official website or mAadhaar app.

What is aadhaar password?

The downloaded eAadhaar letter or PDF file contains the 12-digit unique identification number of Aadhaar holders along with a photo, full name, address, date of birth, gender and mobile number. Which makes e-Aadhaar PDF equally valid and acceptable across the country.

It comes with password protection in case of Aadhaar PDF file. Which means the Aadhaar holder needs to enter a password to open the downloaded Aadhaar PDF file. PDF version of Aadhaar cannot be opened without password.

Why has password been assigned for Aadhaar PDF?

e-Aadhaar is stored in PDF format on UIDAI’s servers, the main advantage of storing Aadhaar file in PDF format is that the PDF file is a readable document that cannot be altered without leaving an electronic footprint.

Being a PDF file, UIDAI is able to set password security. So without any fear even if the documents are emailed between people, no unauthorized person can see it without knowing the password of Aadhaar document.

Downloaded e-Aadhaar PDF file comes with file protection, which means it asks the viewer to enter password to view e-Aadhaar PDF and no one can view Aadhaar document without entering a valid one.

UIDAI has added this protection to Aadhaar PDF as an additional layer of security, so if someone gets hold of the Aadhaar PDF, they cannot view it without entering a valid password.

The e-Aadhaar PDF password consists of a string with various combinations of characters, which is used to open the secured form of Aadhaar in PDF format.

Aadhaar is a 12 digit unique number that stores demographic and biometric details of Aadhaar holders. The Aadhaar file can be accessed in the form of Aadhaar letter which is usually delivered by post, but it can also be downloaded online from the official UIDAI web portal.

Online version of your Aadhaar is stored on UIDAI servers in PDF file format, which Aadhaar holder can download anytime using mobile OTP authentication.

But this online version of eAadhaar PDF file is encrypted with password protection, which no one can easily crack. Only the owner who is the Aadhaar holder can open the Aadhaar PDF by entering the passphrase only.

Aadhaar card password format has been changed by UIDAI recently to enhance better security.

Your Postal Address Pin Code which you used to enter as an Aadhaar card password will no longer work to unlock your newly downloaded e-Aadhaar PDF from the UIDAI portal.

All existing downloaded e-Aadhaar PDF passwords can be unlocked using the same old e-Aadhaar PDF password as postal pin code, but newly downloaded e-Aadhaar PDF can only be opened by entering a new Aadhaar card password combination set by UIDAI. can .

So once after downloading the e-adhar card pdf letter, you need to enter the aadhar password combination below to successfully unlock or open it.

Aadhaar password to unlock PDF file

Open the downloaded e-Aadhaar PDF file in Adobe PDF Reader or Google Chrome browser

Once the file opens with Adobe PDF or Chrome you will be asked to enter the Aadhaar document password

Enter the password

New Aadhaar Card Password consists of 8 characters which is combination of first four letters of your name in capital letters followed by year of birth in YYYY format.

New password

Once you enter the first four letters of your name + year of birth in capital letters in the password field click on the OK button and your Aadhaar Card PDF will open. (If this Aadhaar password does not work, mention how your name and year of birth will appear on your UIDAI Card Acknowledgment Slip which was provided to you after Aadhaar registration)

For your reference or to make it easier, we have provided some examples of password patterns for Aadhaar card:

For example no name year of birth password
1 Manish Kumar 1990 MANI1990
2 A. Kumar 1990 A. KU1990
3 MIA 1990 MIA1990

I hope by referring the above examples of password pattern for aadhaar card, you will be able to easily combine password of aadhaar pdf file.

Whenever you try to open your aadhaar card PDF, you have to enter the aadhaar document password to view it every time.

Passwords for Masked Aadhaar, BAL Aadhaar, and all other types of Aadhaar PDF downloaded from UIDAI can be opened with this password pattern.

Your e-Aadhaar PDF file will be digitally signed and will not require any additional physical signature or stamp. If the digital signature in your Aadhaar PDF appears as Validity Unknown with a yellow colored question mark icon, then you need to verify the signature. To know how to verify the signature of your Aadhaar PDF, you can read our tutorial How to verify Aadhaar e-sign.

How to Know Aadhaar PDF Password

If you have difficulty in memorizing your Aadhaar PDF password then you can know Aadhaar PDF password by referring your UIDAI acknowledgment slip.

Just check your full name and date of birth printed on your Aadhaar Acknowledgment Receipt and enter the password to open the Aadhaar PDF.

Old E Aadhaar PDF Password

The old e-Aadhaar PDF password was easy to memorize by an unauthorized person if they knew the location of the Aadhaar holder. So by entering postal code as e-Aadhaar password, they can be able to open Aadhaar. But now with the recent update of Aadhaar password, it has made it more difficult which is almost impossible to memorize one’s password to open Aadhaar PDF.

Below is the difference between old Aadhaar password and new Aadhaar password.

Old Aadhaar Password New Aadhar Password
Postal Pin Code as registered in Aadhaar Card First four letters of the Aadhaar holder’s name in capital letters, followed by the Aadhaar holder’s year of birth

So if you have old e aadhaar downloaded then that file can be opened with postal code and new aadhaar password will not work.

Remove password from Aadhaar and save as PDF without password with valid digital signature

Yes, you can actually remove the password from your e-Aadhaar PDF file and save it as a PDF file without password. So next time you open your e-Aadhaar PDF file no need to enter any password.

Earlier there were many methods, with which Aadhaar password could be deleted easily but it left the Aadhaar digital signature as invalid. So with invalid digital signature, such copy of Aadhaar would have become invalid or worthless. The need for Aadhaar PDF without password file may arise at various times like when you want to take a printout and share your Aadhaar copy for various purposes.

To remove password from Aadhaar and save it as passwordless PDF with valid digital signature, you should install Adobe PDF Reader software on your PC or Laptop.

If you don’t have Adobe PDF Reader software installed on your PC or laptop, install it.

Make sure you have your e-Aadhaar PDF file on your PC if you don’t have it then download it from UIDAI Official Self Service Portal only.

Open your e-Aadhaar PDF file with Adobe PDF Reader software.

Password prompt

It will ask you to enter a password, just capitalize the first 4 letters of your name followed by year of birth.

Print Aadhaar

Once you have your Aadhaar PDF with Adobe PDF Reader, just go to File > Print or press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+P.

Aadhaar MS Print to PDF

In Printer, select Microsoft Print to PDF and click the Print button.

It will ask you to set the file name for PDF that you want to print to PDF without password.

Just select the suitable location where you want to save this aadhaar without password pdf file, set any file name and click on save button.

That’s it, your Aadhaar PDF file is saved on your PC or laptop without password.

Now you can open the saved Aadhaar PDF file, and it will not ask you any password to enter to open the file.

Also you will see a valid digital signature in Aadhaar without password file.

Get Aadhaar from Seva Kendra without entering password

It doesn’t matter whether your mobile number is linked with Aadhaar or not, while getting Aadhaar from the service center. Even if you don’t have Aadhaar details like Aadhaar number, VID or Enrollment number, you can get your Aadhaar from Seva Kendra.

Go to Aadhaar Seva Kendra and request for Aadhaar Print

Operator will ask you aadhaar details, if you have your aadhaar details you can provide your aadhaar or VID or EID

If you don’t have aadhaar then your details like name, dob, will be asked

Once you provide these details, you will be asked to place your fingerprint on the fingerprint scanner device

Your fingerprint will be authenticated on the server and your Aadhaar printout will be provided to you

You have to pay a nominal charge at the service center for the print

This way you can get a physical copy of your Aadhaar card and worry free about Aadhaar password.

Is there any aadhar card pdf password remover software which can remove password from eAadhar?

No, there is no e-adhar card pdf password remover software which helps to crack password or remove your aadhar password. Also, you should not use any eAadhaar password remover online free tool that asks you to upload your Aadhaar PDF to their server, by doing this you will put your privacy at risk.

What to do if Aadhaar card PDF password does not open?

Even if you are unable to open your Aadhaar PDF even after entering the 4 letter combination of name with capital letters + years of birth, you need to ensure that the PDF file has been downloaded recently. If Aadhaar PDF is downloaded earlier then you need to enter your postal code as password. If none of them work to open your Aadhaar PDF, you should cross-check the details of your Aadhaar Acknowledgment Slip.

Is there any limit set by UIDAI for opening Aadhaar PDF file?

No, once you download your Aadhaar file, it can be opened unlimited times forever.

Do I need to enter password every time to open Aadhaar PDF file?

As the Aadhaar PDF file is password protected, you need to enter the password whenever you want to open your Aadhaar PDF file.

Can I change my Aadhaar PDF password?

No, you cannot change the password of your eAadhaar PDF file.

How to reset aadhar pdf password?

No, you cannot reset Aadhaar PDF password. When you open your eAadhaar PDF you need to use the same default password set by UIDAI.

Is the password of newborn child’s Aadhaar card the same?

Yes, password format for eAadhaar PDF is same for newborn baby.

What is aadhaar download password?

You don’t need to enter password while downloading your aadhaar, instead you need to enter OTP or TOTP to download your aadhaar.

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