S/OD/OW/O of Aadhaar has now been standardized to C/O

Some of you may be aware of these recent changes made by UIDAI, while some of you may still not be aware of these recent changes. So today in this post I am going to clear about recent changes in S/OD/OW/O field of Aadhaar.

S/OD/OW/O of Aadhaar has now been standardized to C/O

Earlier your Aadhaar should contain details like S/O, D/O, and W/O, if you provide these details while enrolling or updating your Aadhaar. But now all these above fields like S/O, D/O and W/O have been standardized into a single field which is C/O.

So now you cannot mention your father’s name, or husband’s name in S/O, D/O or W/O fields, because all these 3 fields have been removed from Aadhaar software and replaced with only one field C. /O field. Mentioning father name, husband name has become optional with this new update and if you still want to provide it, you can enter your father name or husband name by selecting C/O field. If you don’t want to pay anything in the C/O field, you can leave it blank.

If you go through the online update process of your address, you will be able to notice this recent change, where it will only show the C/O field and you can fill the field with your father, husband or guardian’s name if you want or else simply leave it blank. The same applies if you visit an Aadhaar center to update your Aadhaar or apply for a new Aadhaar.

Below is the official tweet reply from Aadhaar official twitter handle answering the same update related query:

Aadhaar C/O

“The names of relations and next of kin are a part of the address field in Aadhaar. It was earlier referred to as S/o D/o or W/o. We have now standardized it to C/o. Filling it is optional. You can update your aadhaar address and give your father’s name in the C/o field or even leave it blank.

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