NERPAP – What is it? Complete Details

National Electoral Roll Purification and  Authentication Programme(NERPAP) Launched by Election Commission

The Election Commission of India(ECI) on 3rd March 2015 launched National Electoral Roll Purification and Authentication Programmer(acronym NERPAP). This new program has been launched to address various issues and strengthen the election system in our country.  The election commission is determined to provide a totally error-free, and authenticated electoral roll. This is the prime reason for introducing the NERPAP Programmer.


Activities to Be done Under NERPAP :

Election Commission of India – ECI NERPAP

As said earlier this program has been introduced to provide error-free and authenticated electoral roll. To achieve this target various activities have to be done by ECI. They are :

  1. Linking and Authenticating EPIC(Voter ID) Card with Aadhaar Card Number :

This will ensure the elimination of Bogus Voters in the country. There are various ways in which this can be done.  Voters can complete the process either online or offline mode. However, the commission is also organizing special camps in all assembly constituencies on 12th April 2015

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2. Corrections of Errors in Electoral roll or EPIC(Voter Card)

Voluntary disclosure of multiple entries in the electoral roll: Under the provision of Section 31 of the Representation of the People Act,1950, having more than one active voter id is a punishable act. Under this Programme The  electors with  multiple registrations  in  electoral roll(s) are requested to come forward

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3. Improvement of image quality of an  elector

This is probably the most interesting and helpful step after the Aadhaar-EPIC linking. Most people keep saying that the photograph in the voter id is of low quality. A clear photograph of the voter is required and under NERPAP this issue is supposed to be resolved completely.


Conclusion – Voting is the fundamental right of every citizen and this process should totally be error-free. Government must make all the arrangements for safe and legitimate voting. Seems like the Indian government is ready to take all the necessary steps for this. NERPAP is a revolutionary program and Every citizen must participate and help in making a much stronger Election System. Let’s contribute right away.

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