Maharashtra relies on Aadhaar card registration to weed out ‘fake’ students | Nagpur News

NAGPUR: State govt counting on Aadhaar card Sign up to have “fake” students removed from school registration records.Last month, the Minister of School Education Deepak Kesaka Told TOI that his department was in the final stages of drawing Adhar Card data for all students in school so that the government has a clear picture of how many students are actually in the classroom.
Fake students are a problem the country has been dealing with for a long time, and the first major campaign to stop the rot was launched in 2011 by the then Education Minister Rajendra Darda. A statewide student census was conducted October 3-5, with teams of government officials visiting schools and physically verifying the presence of students by matching their names in the register.
Despite the stark discrepancy between the number of students registered and actual attendance during the student census, the process for action has been lengthy and litigation has dragged itself through the courts.
Minister speaks to Times of India during winter rally in Nagpur last month Kesaka Says, “Aadhaar card mapping will give us a clear picture of how many students we actually have. Based on that, we can decide how many teachers we need to hire.”
The problem that the education sector faced while seeding Aadhaar card data was that the data of hundreds of thousands of students was considered invalid in the system.
“This invalid classification doesn’t mean anything suspicious. It’s basically a mismatch of details. Sometimes, the spelling is incorrect and the system displays an error. We started the process of new registration and data correction,” Kesarkar said.
Aadhaar card mapping is likely to be the final blow for unscrupulous schools that inflate student enrollment figures and siphon money from state coffers.
An education official in Nagpur said, “Aadhaar data is rock solid and cannot be questioned. It is either true or false, there is no gray area. This will really help everyone to grasp things in a more efficient manner and plan for the sector financial policy.”
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