Link Aadhaar card with ICICI Bank Account Online/Offline Mode

Update Aadhaar number to your ICICI Bank Account | Aadhaar card linking process to ICICI Bank account via online or offline mode

As you know Reserve Bank of India(RBI) has given instructions to banks for providing the facility of linking aadhaar cards. This whole process is being done for providing a direct benefit amount directly into a bank account. ICICI bank is no exception. If you have an account in ICICI Bank you easily link your aadhaar card to your account. In this post, I will try my level best in explaining to you the whole procedure to connect aadhaar details with ICICI Bank. As you can see I have mentioned both offline and online modes in the heading. So, if you have an internet banking account you can complete the process via online mode. Below you will see both methods, follow the one which suits you most

Link Aadhaar card to ICICI Bank Account
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Procedure to Link your Aadhaar card Details to ICICI Bank Account Offline Mode(Visiting Bank Branch)

The whole process is very easy. Just follow the steps and get done with the linking process. Alright! Enough introductions, let’s get started:

Stuff you need to keep ready :

  • Your aadhaar card is original and photocopied. Make sure that the photocopy is clear enough

Note: If you have e-aadhaar card it can be used too

Process :

  • Fill in the form by entering the details correctly
  • Enter the 12-digit aadhaar number very carefully
  • Enter the bank account details from the passbook
  • Now visit your bank branch and handover the duly filled application form to them along with the photocopy of aadhaar card or E-aadhaar
  • Show the original copy if asked by the bank official
  • The bank official will keep the form for further verification
  • Once the details will be verified, your aadhaar card details will be updated to your ICICI Bank Account
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Updating Aadhaar Card Details to ICICI bank Online – Using Internet Banking

You might not see any information regarding the online procedure on the official website. While browsing, I came across a tweet where this process was mentioned. I am mentioning the steps below :

  • First of all login into ICICI Internet Banking Account
  • Now navigate exactly as mentioned here :
  • Customer Service >> Service Requests >> Bank Account Service Requests >> Account Details>>Modification Related >> Request for updating Aadhaar number in Savings Account
  • Enter the aadhaar details and submit
  • In this way, you can easily use the ICICI internet banking facility for the linking process

Note: I found these details on Twitter, where some users asked question. View the image for details :

Link Aadhaar card to ICICI Bank Account
ICICI Bank Online links aadhar card with Bank account

Note: If you haven’t activated internet banking yet, you won’t be able to follow these steps. So, you can either apply for internet banking or follow the offline method mentioned in the beginning

I hope this post explained the process of linking aadhaar card to the bank account. If you find it useful, share it on social media to let others know too.

Link Aadhaar card to ICICI Bank Account

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