Link Aadhaar Card to Indene Gas LPG Connection-IOCL

Update Aadhaar card Details to Indene LPG Connection | Aadhaar Indene LPG linkage for Subsidy via Online/Offline/SMS/IVRS 

It is important to update your aadhaar card details to your LPG connection for subsidy. This process is done after linking aadhaar card to the bank account. If you want to know the process of linking aadhaar number to your Indene LPG connection, this post will surely help you. We have listed the step-by-step procedure to link your Indene Gas connection details with aadhaar card using the Online mode as well as via offline mode. You can make use of any of the methods listed below i.e. choose from the Online Method, offline method, IVRS method, and SMS method.

Link Aadhaar Card to Indene Gas LPG Connection

Note: Don’t do the process again and again with different methods, using any one of these is important

1. Link Aadhaar Card to Indene LPG Connection – Offline Mode(Manual Application Form Filling)

Prerequisites :

Before starting the process, make sure you have the following things ready with you:

  • Your Indene LPG Passbook/blue Book for Entering consumer number
  • Application Form – Form no.2 . Download it from here
  • Your aadhaar card or E aadhaar card for Entering the aadhaar number

Process :

  • Take the printout of the application form
  • Now fill in the asked details
  • As you are using Indane connection, Write “IOCL” as the name of the company
  • Enter your LPG ID
  • Enter the other details
  • After filling out the form, visit your Indane Distributor and submit the application
  • Collect the acknowledgment slip
  • The filled form will further be verified and your aadhaar card details will be successfully updated
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2. Online linking Indene LPG with Aadhaar card

The Online process to Link aadhaar card with LPG(aadhaar seeding) is an easy and fast way to get the process done. Follow the steps given below

Note : Keep your Aadhaar card and LPG pass book ready

Step 1 :

  • Enter your location details, first choose your State and Then choose your District

Step 2:

  • The next step is  to choose the Benefit type, as this process is for linking LPG details you need to select “LPG”
  • After that, you need to specify the Scheme name according to your LPG connection

As are using Indene Connection, select “IOCL”

  • After this Choose the Distributor name from the list
  • Then to complete step 2, you need to enter your LPG consumer number

Step 3 :

  • Enter your email address
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Then Finally enter your Aadhaar number
  • After that, you need to hit the “submit” button

Step 4 :

  • Now an “OTP” will be sent to your mobile number and email id
  • Enter the One-time Password(OTP) and the security code.
  • Hit the submit button to complete the process

Note: It is important that your mobile number should be registered with aadhaar card. If it isn’t, click here to read about how to add a mobile number to aadhaar card

3. Using the IVRS  Method to Link Aadhaar card to Indene Gas :

4. SMS Method to Link Aadhaar Details with Indene LPG connection

First of all, you need to register your mobile number to an LPG connection. To do this Write Down the SMS in the following format

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 IOC < STD Code +
Distributor’s Tel. Number > <
Consumer Number >

Example  “IOC 1326044589 PX10828C”

now the SMS should be sent to the number which could be different according to the place. To find out the number for your district, visit this link

using these steps your number will get registered. The next step is to write another SMS to link aadhaar with the Indene connection.

To do this, write an SMS in the following format –

UID Aadhaar number

Example –  UID 121212121212

and send to the same number which you found from the link given above

In this way your link aadhaar card to Indene Gas connection using various methods like offline, online, via IVRS, and via SMS. Choose the one which is most relevant and easy for you.

Link Aadhaar Card to Indene Gas LPG Connection

I hope that the whole procedure of linking aadhaar card to the Indene LPG connection would now be more clear after reading the online and offline methods. In case you still have any issues, feel free to use the comment box below.

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