How to Check Aadhaar Status

UIDAI’s Check Aadhaar Status service allows you to track the real-time status of your service request. But the process of tracking Aadhaar status is not the same for different types of Aadhaar requests. So according to your request type, below are the methods to check aadhaar status.

Check Aadhaar Card Status Online

Necessity of checking Aadhaar status

Online updates Updated in Enrollment/Update Center New Aadhaar
12 digit Aadhaar number EID (Enrollment ID), SRN or URN Enrollment ID (EID)
Registered mobile number for OTP authentication Registered mobile number for OTP authentication Registered mobile number for OTP authentication

Check Aadhaar Status Online | New Enrollment or Updated Enrollment Center

If you have enrolled for Aadhaar or updated your Aadhaar through Seva Kendra, you can find the status of your request through the Aadhaar Status online facility.

Once enrolled for Aadhaar, generally, Aadhaar is generated within 1 to 3 months, but in rare cases, it may take longer than the estimated time or it may be completed earlier than the estimated time.

Similarly, any Aadhaar update request made through the Aadhaar Center may take up to 1 – 3 months to process.

So to be informed about the Aadhaar payment process or updates, the Check Aadhaar Status service has been enabled on the official UIDAI Aadhaar card portal.

By using the Check Aadhaar Card Status service on the UIDAI official website, residents who have enrolled for Aadhaar or updated Aadhaar through Seva Kendra can find out whether their Aadhaar has been generated or is still in process or updated.

But before proceeding further to check Aadhaar status online you should have your EID which will be printed on your Aadhaar Acknowledgment Slip/Resident Copy which was provided to you once you registered Aadhaar or Aadhaar Update Receipt in case of update.

Visit UIDAI official website to check Aadhaar status

Homepage of UIDAI website

Once you reach the UIDAI homepage, click on the Check Aadhaar Status section.

Once click on Check Aadhaar Status, the webpage will redirect to Check Aadhaar Status page

Check Aadhaar Status Page

On the Check Aadhaar Status page, you have to fill the form fields like 14 digit Enrollment ID (ENO) which you will get on your Acknowledgment Slip or Residence Copy and then mention the date and time of the Acknowledgment Slip (mentioning date and time is not mandatory). These 28 numbers together form your Temporary Enrollment ID (EID).

You can even enter SRN or URN

Once the EID or SRN ot URN is entered, solve the captcha verification code shown in the image and click on the Check Status button

Aadhaar Status

On the next page, it will show you the status of your aadhaar whether it is created or in process, updated or rejected.

If your aadhaar is generated then you will see the message “Congratulations! Your aadhaar has been generated” as you can see in the above image and similarly if your aadhaar has been updated it will show your aadhaar has been updated.

If you try to enroll as a fresher despite having Aadhaar, you will see the status “This enrollment has been rejected as a duplicate. Please do not re-enroll and use your matched enrollment number displayed below to check your Aadhaar status. If the matching enrollment number is not displayed below, you can use the “Lost EID/UID Recovery” service on our website or call 1947 for more details.”

If your aadhaar is not approved yet, it will show the status “Your aadhaar application is in process”. So you have to check back after a few days to know the final status.

Check Online Demographics Update Status

If you have updated your Aadhaar card online through the Aadhaar online service portal, checking the status of the online update request is different from the Aadhaar update done at the Enrollment Centre/ECMP.

To check the status of your online demographic update request, visit UIDAI’s official website

Homepage of UIDAI website

From the homepage, just click on Update Demographics Data and Check Status under the Update Aadhaar section

Welcome to MyAadhaar

This will open the myAadhaar page, on this page you will get a login option. Just click on login button

On the login screen, enter your 12 digit Aadhaar number, solve the captcha code and click on the Send OTP button

myAadhaar login

Once click on send OTP button, you will get one-time-password on your registered mobile number

Enter the received OTP code in the Enter OTP field and click on the Login button

One is logged in, from next screen just scroll to request section

If you have submitted an online update request, it will appear under the Requests section

Aadhaar Online Update Status

To check the status in detail, you need to click on the down arrow

It will show the current status of your update request with all details.

If your aadhaar update has been processed successfully, it will say your update request has been successfully processed and your aadhaar has been generated. While your Aadhaar is being printed and posted to you, please download eAadhaar.

If your Aadhaar update request is in process, it will show that this enrollment is in process. Check back after a few days.

Check enrollment Aadhaar status and update through mAadhaar app

To check the status of your Aadhaar enrollment or update request through the mAadhaar app. Install the mAadhaar app from the App Store.

Once the app is installed, open the app

First time you need to sign in using your mobile number

From the home screen, just tap on the Check Request Status tap

To check your Aadhaar enrollment or update status tap on Aadhaar Status or Aadhaar Update Status at the bottom of the Check Request Status page

On the next page, you will have to enter your Enrollment ID which will be 14 digits and the field below will contain the selection date and time as per the details present in your enrollment acknowledgment slip (selecting the date and time is not mandatory)

Solve the captcha code as you can see in the image below and tap on the Check Status button

Your Aadhaar enrollment or update status will be presented to you.

The above step was to check Aadhaar enrollment status and update at Aadhaar Center.

If you have done Aadhaar update online, you have to follow various processes for the same, which are explained below.

Check Aadhaar online update status through mAadhaar app

As you already know through online mode you can update aadhaar details like name, gender, age, address and language. So if you have updated this or any of these details online, here is the process to check its status.

To track Aadhaar update status online, download the mAadhaar app on your phone

Once downloaded login with your mobile number

From the app’s homepage, just tap on the Check Request Status tab

Under Check Request Status, tap on the Address Update Status option

In the next screen you need to enter the Aadhaar number, and in the next field enter the URN or SRN that was generated while updating the Aadhaar details online.

Solve the captcha code displayed in the image and tap on the Check Status button

Your Aadhaar update status will be displayed

Do I have to pay to check Aadhaar status?

No, you can check the status of your aadhaar requests like enrollment and update for free

Do I need a registered mobile number to check my Aadhaar status online?

A registered mobile number is not required to check the online status of Aadhaar new enrollments and updates done through the Enrollment Centre. But to check Aadhaar demographic update status online, you need a registered mobile number for authentication.

What is SRN?

SRN indicates the service request number. The SRN is generated when a resident initiates a request to update an Aadhaar address through a validation letter. You can track the status of your request using SRN.

What is URN?

URN refers to Update Request Number, URN generated when the resident successfully completes the online address update process. A 14 digit number called URN or Update Request Number is generated and also sent through SMS. You can use this URN and Aadhaar number to track the status of your demographic update request.

I am getting error “Error Code: SSS-BPR-012 Reason: null Transaction ID:” while checking Aadhaar status?

If you are getting the above error, try to check the status again. This error is a temporary bug appearing while checking Aadhaar status

Can I check my Aadhaar status by name, pincode or date of birth?

No, you need to have your EID or Aadhaar number and URN or SRN to check your Aadhaar status. Without these details, you will not be able to track your Aadhaar update or enrollment status.

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