How to Change C/o to S/o or W/o in Aadhaar Card

Recently UIDAI has made a lot of changes in its system and one of the major updates in Aadhaar was relationship details. Earlier UIDAI provided several options to select from relationship fields like S/O, C/O, W/O or D/O, so you could enter your details accordingly by selecting these applicable fields.

Change C/o to S/o or W/o in Aadhaar Card

If you don’t know the meaning of abbreviations like C/o, S/o, W/o, D/o in Aadhaar card then below is the complete form of such abbreviations:

C/o S/o D/o W/o complete form on Aadhaar card

c/o full form on Aadhaar card means care off
In Aadhaar s/o means Son of
d/o means daughter of Aadhaar card
In Aadhaar w/o means his wife

If you are still confused about these abbreviations, we have explained it in Hindi language below.

Abbreviation of words in hindi
c/o C/O Full Form of Aadhaar Card in Hindi By:
S/o S/O Ka Matlab Hai Ka Beta (Ka Beta)
d/o D/O Ka Matlab Hai Ki Beti (Ki Beti)
W/o Aadhaar Card W/o Meaning in Hindi: kee patnee (wife of)

For example if you want to mention your father’s name then you can select S/O or D/O, and if you want to mention your husband’s name then you can select W/O and in case of a guardian, you can. Selected C/o.

But now these relationship fields like s/o, d/o, w/o are modified and only one field is given in Aadhar which is c/o. So whatever relationship details you want to enter, you now have to select the C/O field and enter it.

What to write carefully in Aadhaar card

In case of C/O you can mention your father’s name, husband’s name, guardian’s name, relative’s name or your landlord’s name. In fact, if you don’t want to specify any relationship details by selecting c/o, you also have the option to leave this field blank.

Change c/o to s/o or c/o to w/o or c/o to d/o in aadhaar card

Residents who have enrolled or updated their Aadhaar before this update, will have relationship details mentioned as S/O, W/O or D/O in their Aadhaar. But if you try to change or update your address then you compulsorily need to change the relationship details as well because it is a part of address field, and when you select relationship details you will get only one option which is C/O.

So if you are still looking for the solution of how to change c/o to s/o in aadhaar card or change c/o to w/o in aadhaar card or how to change c/o to d/. o In Aadhaar card then this option is no longer available through UIDAI update portal or Aadhaar Seva Kendra or mAadhaar app. In this field you have to either stick to c/o with your relationship details or else you can leave the relationship details blank as it is one of the optional fields.

S/o D/o or w/o of Aadhaar has now standardized it to c/o, but filling this field has been kept as optional. However, if you want to mention your father’s name or husband’s name, you can still use this c/o option and enter the details.

C/o in Aadhaar is not mandatory and you can skip it if you want, C/o details in address is used for letter delivery purpose and is a part of address.

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