How to Apply for Aadhaar Card

Aadhaar card is Unique Identification Number (UID). The original name of Aadhaar card is only “Aadhaar”, it is only a unique identification number, not a card, so Aadhaar is the original name of UID (Unique Identification Number).

Aadhaar or UID issued by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). As per the new rules regarding Aadhaar Card, Aadhaar Card has been issued to every citizen of India.

Aadhaar card process can be the future identification of an Indian citizen through photograph, eye scan and fingerprint of every Indian citizen. The data will be stored in a centralized database, so that any record of every Indian citizen can be accessed from one place.

It has been stated by the Government of India that every Indian citizen must have an Aadhaar card, as legal or government functions may be completed with Aadhaar card in the future. Once the Aadhaar card is generated, an Indian citizen does not need to reapply for the Aadhaar card.

Now, here is a brief step-by-step procedure and required documents on how to apply for Aadhaar Card:

1. The first document required for Aadhaar card application is “Aadhaar Application Form”.

Click here to download Aadhaar application form.

After downloading and printing the Aadhaar application form, these important points should be kept in mind:

(a) The first thing to remember is that Enrollment Center. Fill and clear Enrollment Center correctly in your Aadhaar application form.

(b) You must provide your Aadhaar Enrollment Centre Eye-scan, fingerprint and a Passport size photograph (Which will be captured by volunteers at the Enrollment Centre)

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(c) After the process (b)A temporary slip or Aadhaar receipt will be given to you as acknowledgement.

(d) After provisional slip or receipt of Aadhaar and if all the data and information are matched and verified based on the details provided by you, your Aadhaar will be sent by post to the address provided by you.

2. The second proof/document required for Aadhaar is Photo and name identification proof. in Photo and name identification proofBelow is a list Photo and name identification proof (select one) :

(a) Voter ID

(b) passport

(c) Driving license

(d) Ration card

(e) Pensioner Photo ID Card

(f) PAN card

(g) Any ID issued by Government of India with name and photo

Click here for a brief documentation requirement

3. Third document will be required for Aadhaar application “Address Proof Document”. in Address proof documentBelow is a list Address proof document (select one) :

(a) Bank statement or passbook

(b) passport

(c) driving license

(d) Ration card

(e) electricity bill (latest)

(f) water bill (latest)

(g) Landline Telephone bill (latest)

(h) Voter ID

(I) Credit card statement (latest)

(h) Gas connection bill (latest)

(c) Vehicle Registration Certificate

(l) Passport of parents (For minors only)

Click here for a brief documentation requirement

4. The fourth document will be required for your Aadhaar application “Date of Birth Proof Document”. in “Date of Birth Proof Document”Below is a list “Date of Birth Proof Document” (select one) :

(a) birth certificate

(b) Secondary Marksheet (If date of birth is mentioned)

(c) passport

(d) Affidavit of Birth Certificate Issued by Gazetted Officer of Group A on letterhead.

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