How to Add Mobile Number in Aadhaar Card ?

aadhaar card mobile number registration

When I applied for aadhaar card(5 years ago) I wasn’t aware of the importance of providing a mobile number and email id. Unfortunately, I didn’t provide these details during the enrollment process. So, my aadhaar card was delivered but due to my mobile number not being registered, I face lots of issues. So, I decided to update my mobile number in the aadhaar card database. I am sure there will be various other people like me who want to do the same.

Note: Kindly keep in mind that throughout this post I am talking about only those cases when a mobile number was not added during the enrollment process. If your mobile number was added during the enrollment process and you want to change the number, that is a separate process and can be completed via online mode.

To do this, you need to send the correction form via post to the UIDAI office. The complete process is mentioned below

Add Mobile Number in Aadhaar Card – Step by Step Registration Process

  • Download the aadhaar card correction application Form – Click here to Download
  • Once downloaded, take the printout.
  • In the first option – Mark the “Mobile” Option
  • Enter your aadhaar number
  • Enter the name, and address as mentioned in the aadhaar card
  • Now in the Mobile number section, enter the mobile number that you want to add to aadhaar card
  • Also, provide your email id(It is not necessary but you are advised to provide it)
  • You are advised to attach a photocopy of any of the document that proves your identity. For a list of valid documents click here. Do not forget to write your aadhaar number in the attached documents as well. Write the name of the document you have attached
  • In the end, you need to sign the document or provide your thumbprint
  • Once this information is filled double-check the filled information.
  • Now you need to send the application via post.  Details of the address mentioned below
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Where to send Aadhaar Card Correction Form :

You can send the correction form via post to any of these two addresses :

Address 1 :

Box No. 10, Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh – 480001, India

Address 2 :

UIDAI Post Box No. 99, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad – 500034, India

After sending the form, you need to wait for a few days. Once the addition of a mobile number with aadhaar card will be done, you will get a confirmation message. In another case also, you will be informed

I hope this answers the question – how to add a mobile number to in aadhaar card?

Request to All – Please do not share your mobile number and aadhaar number in the comments!

In case you have any other queries, kindly leave your comments below.

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