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eAadhaar has undergone a facelift and many features and improvements have been implemented in the latest version of eAadhaar. Since the launch of eAadhaar, for the first time, UIDAI has made major improvements and changes to the look and feel of eAadhaar. The all-new eAadhaar looks more eye-catching and includes a lot of details.

All new eAadhaar

So now let’s know what are the additional features that we can see in the latest version of eAadhaar.

All-new eAadhaar features

  • Digitally signed secure QR code with a resident’s photo
  • Advanced design
  • Updated information
  • Issue date and download date are mentioned
New Aadhaar Features

The new eAadhaar has a full flag of India, meaning blue with Ashoka Chakra. In the earlier version of eAadhaar, the Ashoka Chakra was missing and the flag had only orange, white and green stripes.

The new version of eAadhaar mentions the date of download and issue date, however, these details are also mentioned in the previous version but in the previous version the date of issue is mentioned as the date of generation. In the new version, the date of download and date of issue are mentioned at the top as well as at the bottom of eAadhaar.

Resident images are aligned large for better visibility

VID or Virtual ID is printed below the Aadhaar number

The QR code with resident photograph has been removed from the lower part of Aadhaar where the Aadhaar holder’s photo used to be visible. However, the QR code with the image is at the top and bottom of the eAadhaar.

Any Aadhaar holder can download the latest version of eAadhaar from the UIDAI website, whether he has enrolled before or after the launch of the all-new eAadhaar. From now on any Aadhaar holder will get the latest version of eAadhaar by downloading their eAadhaar from the UIDAI portal.

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Click on the download button below to know the step by step process of downloading eaadhaar.

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