DigiLocker Signup – Registration Problems and Solutions !

Facing Sign Up(Registration) Problems at the website of Digital Locker i.e. digitallocker.gov.in? Here are the solutions

DigiLocker Signup

As a part of the Digital India program, a Digital locker was launched. Digilocker will provide personal space to the users where they can upload their documents. These documents can be presented digitally to the organizations registered with Digi locker. These are post-sign-up things that can be implemented after successful signup and sign-in. What if you are not even able to sign up? Yes, initially you might face problems in signing up. In this article, I have discussed the various issues in signing up and possible solutions.

Digital Locker Sign-Up Problems –

All those who have tried to register for DigiLocker will notice a page where aadhaar number is to be filled and below it is two options – Use OTP and Use FingerPrint

DigiLocker Signup Problem No.1 – Mobile Number/Email ID Not Registered hence OTP Not Received

Many users have reported that after entering the Aadhaar Number in the space provided when they click on the “Use OTP” option, a message pops up -” Mobile and email are not available in your UIDAI records. Please click here to update and please try again once your record is updated.”.

Details of this Issue –

During Aadhaar card enrolment, if the mobile number or email id is not specified by the user, the aadhaar card is issued without a mobile number and email id. Users who see the above-mentioned message with Digilocker’s Sign up process haven’t provided a mobile number or email id.

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Solution –

Users must register their mobile numbers with aadhaar card. Once the registration will be done, users will be able to receive the OTP, and hence they can continue with the signup process. You must Register your Mobile number with aadhaar card

Note – If you want to skip the mobile number registration process, you can use the Fingerprint option if any fingerprint scanner device is attached to your System

Digital Locker Sign-Up Problem No. 2 – How to Use Finger Print Option?

Alternative to the “Use OTP” option is the “Use Finger Print” option. Some users seem confused regarding the usage of this option. Here are the steps you must follow –

Note – Make sure that you have any fingerprint device attached to your Device

  • Enter your aadhaar card number and click on the “Use Finger Print” option
  • You will be redirected to a new website, where you will be asked to select your Fingerprint device from the list
  • Select the device and hit ok
  • You will be asked to scan your finger using the device and your identity will be automatically confirmed.

Conclusion – Digital Locker is a promising service and citizens must make use of this service. You may experience some issues during the signup process. However, all such issues can be eliminated by following proper procedures.

Did you also face any problems while registering for the Digital Locker Service? You can leave your comments or queries in the comments section given below.

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