What is aadhaar password?

The password-protected e-Aadhaar electronic PDF copy downloaded from the Aadhaar portal or mAadhaar app is as valid as the physical Aadhaar letter delivered by post. But if a resident has not received the physical copy of Aadhaar letter, they always have the option of downloading an electronic version of the e-Aadhaar PDF file from UIDAI’s … Read more

Activate canceled ration card application form

Deactivation or cancellation of ration card may be due to missed pickup of monthly ration quota, or any number of other reasons. So if you are going through the same situation, here are some steps that you should take immediately to reactivate the inactive or canceled ration card. If your ration card is canceled and … Read more

eAadhaar new look | Download updated eAadhaar

eAadhaar has undergone a facelift and many features and improvements have been implemented in the latest version of eAadhaar. Since the launch of eAadhaar, for the first time, UIDAI has made major improvements and changes to the look and feel of eAadhaar. The all-new eAadhaar looks more eye-catching and includes a lot of details. So … Read more

How to Download Masked Aadhaar

UIDAI recently introduced masked Aadhaar, to strengthen security against leakage or non-disclosure of UIDAI number. This new feature with Aadhaar masking allows the option to download eAadhaar, where only the last four digits of Aadhaar will be visible and not the full 12 digit number. So users who are concerned about privacy can share their … Read more

3 Methods to Update Aadhaar Card

The need to update your Aadhaar card can happen on various occasions like after marriage, after shifting your home to a new address, after moving to another city or state, after getting a new mobile number, etc. So today in this article I will introduce you 3 methods to update your aadhaar card and they … Read more

How to take aadhar printout

The need for physical Aadhaar card copy may arise anytime, so if the official Aadhaar letter copy is unavailable to you, this article can be very useful for you. There are many methods available from which you can take Aadhaar printout whenever required And today in this post we are going to clear and reveal … Read more

How to Enroll or Update Aadhaar in Bank

UIDAI (Unique Identity Authentication of India) has set up Aadhaar enrollment and update centers across all banks in India. UIDAI and Government of India have taken this step to carry out Aadhaar enrollment and updating in a safe and secure environment. When agencies updated or enrolled Aadhaar, UIDAI received a lot of complaints about misappropriation, … Read more