BAL Aadhaar Card Online Registration

Bal Aadhaar is a UIDAI card issued to children below 5 years of age. Bal Aadhaar does not capture any biometrics like fingerprint and iris of the child, Bal Aadhaar is issued to the child based on demographic and facial photograph of the child.

BAL Aadhaar Card Online Registration

So today in this post we will explain you every detail of Bal Aadhaar Card Online Registration.

If you are searching for BAL Aadhaar card online registration, then I make it clear to you that BAL Aadhaar registration is not possible online. It is mandatory to visit the Aadhaar center of your location along with your child to register for Bal Aadhaar.

So below are complete details and steps on how to apply for Bal Aadhaar Card.

Steps to Enroll for BAL Aadhaar Card

To apply for Bal Aadhaar you need to keep your documents ready like ID proof document, address proof document and parents Aadhaar card. Now you don’t need to take photocopies of all these documents, instead, you need to carry all the original documents at the time of registration. Click here to know the list of supported documents to apply for BAL Aadhaar.

Take your child to the nearest Aadhaar center to your location, if you don’t know about the nearest Aadhaar center to your location, click here.

Visit Aadhaar center office or Aadhaar service enabled bank with your child

Request Bal Aadhaar application form from center or you can download Bal Aadhaar registration form online.

Fill the form with complete details of your child, if you are a father or mother make sure you enter your aadhaar details in the form

Submit the application form along with the documents to the Aadhaar operator

Your document will be scanned and returned to you

The Aadhaar operator will fill all the details of your child in the Aadhaar software

A face photograph of your child will be taken, and fingerprints of the father or mother will be taken for authentication or as per the Aadhaar details you mentioned in the Bal Aadhaar application.

Bal Aadhaar Acknowledgment Receipt will be generated, you should keep this receipt with you till your child gets Bal Aadhaar Card.

The process of issuing your child’s BAL Aadhaar number takes up to 2 – 3 weeks and it will be delivered to your postal address in another 1 – 2 weeks or depending on the India Post method.

Once BAL Aadhaar is generated you can download your Aadhaar card online by clicking here.

Bal Aadhaar which you will get will be blue in color, you can use your child’s Aadhaar where it is asked to generate.

Below is the Bal Aadhaar card sample revealing its appearance:

BAAL Aadhaar Card Sample

BAAL Aadhaar Card Sample

Once your child turns 5 years of age, you will have to visit the Aadhaar center again with your child for the mandatory biometric update.

Frequently Asked Questions About BAL Aadhaar

What is the minimum age for Bal Aadhaar card?

Children below 5 years can apply for Bal Aadhaar.

What is the color of BAL Aadhaar card?

BAL Aadhaar card is blue in color.

Why Bal Aadhaar card is printed in blue color?

To differentiate BAL Aadhaar from normal Aadhaar, BAL Aadhaar is printed in blue color.

Can I get Bal Aadhaar card online?

Yes like normal Aadhaar, you can also download Bal Aadhaar card online from UIDAI website or mAadhaar app.

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