Activate canceled ration card application form

Deactivation or cancellation of ration card may be due to missed pickup of monthly ration quota, or any number of other reasons. So if you are going through the same situation, here are some steps that you should take immediately to reactivate the inactive or canceled ration card.

If your ration card is canceled and you visit the PDS fair shop, they will ask you to submit an application form. The application form should be in the prescribed format and should mention all your details and it should also mention the reasons for skipping the monthly quota issued to you.

So to help you apply for recovery of canceled ration card, you can refer below format. Along with the application form you have to submit a self-declaration form in the format mentioned below.

Application for recovery of ration card


your name



Civil Supply Wing,
Address of Civil Supply

Subject: Application for recovery of ration card


I, the undersigned Mrs. _____Residing at the above mentioned address I would like to request you to kindly retrieve my family ration card bearing number _____________

Since I was ignorant of the rules, I missed the opportunity to draw the ration quota.

Please not necessary

trust you

self declaration

I, the undersigned Mrs. _____________age _ years, Indian National Resident ________________________________Make audible state and declare in solemn vows as below.

I have applied for recovery of my ration card no _____ APL which has been suspended due to non-removal of ration quota within stipulated time.

I say that I missed the opportunity to draw the ration quota due to my lack of thumb and ignorance of the rules and my busyness during drawing the ration quota.

I say that I will withdraw my ration quota on time with my ration card number as per fair price shop schedule. _______

I state that I shall be fully responsible for any dispute/litigation that may arise during the release of my ration card and shall not hold the Inspector of Civil Supplies or his officials responsible in any way for the release of my ration card.

I state that this self-declaration is made by me voluntarily and without pressure from any person and it is required to be produced in the Department of Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs. _ For the purpose of issuing ration cards.

The information given above is complete and correct to the best of my knowledge and I undertake to hold myself responsible if any part or whole thereof is found to be false I know that making any false declaration is an offense and punishable under section 199 India Penal Code 1860 and Ration card may be cancelled.

Location: _ date __


Identify by:

Aadhaar Card Number:

Fill both these forms with your details and submit them along with photocopy of ration card at PDS Fair Shop. Recovery of ration card will depend only on the decision of the officials. It may take approximately 2-3 weeks to retrieve the ration card.

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