Aadhaar Enrollment Rejected Due to Data Processing Error

Aadhaar is one of them document Which almost every resident should keep as it comes in handy for various purposes. However, applying for Aadhaar is still a voluntary decision. So at some point of At times, a resident may feel that he or she should apply for an Aadhaar card, but not every Aadhaar enrollment application is successful. Sometimes even after submitting valid documents, your Aadhaar application may get rejected due to data or process errors. This type of Aadhaar enrollment rejection error can occur due to various reasons, and what to do when you face this type of rejection error, we are going to guide you in this post.

Aadhaar enrollment rejected due to data/process error

After enrolling for Aadhaar, it may take up to 1 – 3 months to process your application and issue a 12-digit Aadhaar number. But sometimes your aadhaar enrollment may get rejected showing data/process error message. You can know the status of your Aadhaar enrollment application from the UIDAI portal and your Aadhaar enrollment application status will also be notified via SMS if you have provided a valid mobile number while registering Aadhaar.

So if you have received SMS or while checking your Aadhaar enrollment status you are able to see “This enrollment has been rejected due to data/process error. Please visit an enrollment center if you do not already have an Aadhaar number from another enrollment.”

The above error message says that your Aadhaar enrollment application has been rejected and you will not be given the 12 digit Aadhaar number in this application, but it will ask you to re-enroll yourself for Aadhaar again.

There are various reasons behind this Aadhaar enrollment rejection, and we have mentioned all the possible reasons that lead to this situation below.

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Aadhaar enrollment rejected due to data/process error

  • Name not written as per UIDAI guidelines
  • Photo captured in update request does not match with Aadhaar photo
  • Age appears to be incorrect based on a photo
  • Relationship mismatch
  • Taking pictures of objects/animals/deities etc. in place of the resident
  • A blank page is scanned as POI/POA/POB/POR
  • Resident details do not match with documents submitted as POI/POA/POR/POB
  • Documents scanned as part of enrollment are readable/unreadable.
  • Documents of other persons attached.
  • Enrollment slip or consent slip attached only,
  • No supporting documents
  • No documents attached,
  • Only screenshots or random images are attached.\Gender does not match the image
  • Age appears to be incorrect based on photo (ie: age 5 for an adult photo)
  • The full face image is not clearly visible
  • Multiple photos – with different people in them.
  • Shadows/faces are not clear/blurred in photo”
  • The name contains abusive words/slang or unparliamentary language
  • Names contain only initials or abbreviations.
  • The name contains any suffixes/prefixes (eg late, sir, dr., er.).
  • Name with a nickname (eg Urf) or using two names (one name in parentheses).
  • Names with special characters or abstract/unusual names.”
  • Verify Address – This should be sufficient so that the Aadhaar letter can be delivered to the resident.
  • In case of small village name of village should be sufficient but in case of city name of city and state along with house number/landmark/locality/area should have been given.
  • Images taken live via webcam should be displayed during registration; So it should appear as a live photo of the resident. It should not be taken from (i) hard copy of photo (passport photo etc.) or (ii) photo on a monitor (iii) photo on a mobile device.
  • Residential pictures should not have any edges.
  • Photo should not contain stamp mark, image, mark of the pin chief.”
  • Enrollment details should not include any unparliamentary/offensive language
  • Document name does not match
  • Scanned image is not original document
  • Demographic data mismatch (document data no match the entry data).

So if any of the above errors occur in your Aadhaar Enrollment application, you will probably see the status “This enrollment has been canceled due to data/process error. Please visit an enrollment center to re-enroll.”

Once you get this status while tracking your Aadhaar application, there is no point in waiting for further updates regarding your application as your application has been rejected and will not process further. So once you know about this status you should get ready to visit the nearest Aadhaar Seva Kendra to get re-enrolled for Aadhaar.

After getting Aadhaar Enrollment rejected due to data/process error your application gets status against you need to follow the following steps to re-enroll for Aadhaar.

What to do if Aadhaar enrollment is rejected due to data/process error?

When you see your Aadhaar Enrollment Rejected status due to data/process error, you need to re-enroll for Aadhaar by visiting the nearest Aadhaar Seva Kendra.

But before that you need to be careful that you don’t repeat the mistakes you made in your previous Aadhaar Enrollment application. Before reapplying for Aadhaar make sure you read the above reasons for rejection and do not repeat any of them in your new application.

Go to Aadhaar Seva Kendra, ask for Aadhaar application form.

Fill the complete form with valid and correct details as per your address proof and identity proof documents.

Mention correct age or date of birth in your application and also mention your correct valid mobile number in the form.

Once you fill the form, you need to show your documents to the verifier at the Aadhaar Seva Kendra.

Your documents and application form will be verified by the verifier and you will be asked to approach the operator.

The operator will take your form and you will fill every detail mentioned in the form, you have to cross check that the operator entering is correct and he is not making any mistake while entering it.

Your biometrics details such as fingerprint, iris and photo will be captured.

If you are not okay with the photograph clicked, request the operator to re-click your picture.

Once done you will be provided with Aadhaar update receipt which you need to maintain with you, till your Aadhaar enrollment application is processed and you are issued with 12 digit Aadhaar number.

Your Aadhaar application may be approved in next 1 – 3 months, and you will be informed from time to time through SMS on your registered mobile number. You can even track your application status by visiting the UIDAI portal.

This way one can easily re-enroll for Aadhaar when his enrollment is rejected due to data/process errors.

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