Aadhaar Card OTP not received on your Mobile Number? See how to Find the Issue and Fix it.

Your Mobile number is a very important security aspect, be it online banking or aadhaar card information, the systems have been designed in such a way that a One time password is sent to the registered mobile number. You are asked to enter the OTP and then you can proceed. It is however noticed that this OTP is not received in various cases i.e while downloading a duplicate aadhaar card, making corrections to your aadhaar card data like Address, Name, Age, etc. There are various possible reasons for this issue. In this article, you will find out why you are not receiving the OTP on your mobile number and how to fix this problem.

Reasons for Non-Receipt of Aadhaar Card OTP on your Mobile Number

Following are the possible reasons-

  1. You have not registered your mobile number while you applied for aadhaar card
  2. Your registered mobile number is blocked
  3. Network Issue
  4. Mobile Phone Storage space is not enough to receive new SMS

Fixing the Non-Receipt of Aadhaar Card OTP Issue

Case 1 – Mobile Number is Not Registered

While applying for your new aadhaar card, did you provide your mobile number? If you didn’t then you are not going to receive the “One Time Password”. You need to first Register your Mobile Number

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Case 2 – Your Registered Mobile Number(Sim) is Blocked

Do you know that if your mobile number remains inactive for around 2 months it is blocked automatically? So, if your registered number is blocked, you need to unblock it to receive the One time password

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Case 3: Network Issue

Are you at a place where network coverage is very bad? Then you will surely face trouble in receiving the OTP. Make sure that you are in the network coverage area before requesting OTP

Case 4 – Mobile Storage Full

Completely full phone memory leads to nonreceipt of new SMS. Make sure that there is enough space in your phone memory to receive new SMS.

These are some of the possible reasons. Once you will identify and resolve the issue, you will easily be able to receive the OTP on your registered mobile number.

I hope this article was helpful. If you would like to ask any questions or want to suggest anything, kindly feel free to use the comments section given below.

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