Aadhaar Card Online Correction, Name, DoB and Address Update

If your name is changed after marriage or you move to a new city, you don’t want to keep the old details in your Aadhaar card. Launched by UIDAI Aadhaar Self Service Update Portal For those who want to update their information online.

First make sure you have your mobile with you before going. You will need it to verify. You will need the mobile number you provided during registration. If you have not declared mobile number at the time of enrollment, you can use your current mobile number to verify.

If you have changed your mobile number, which you declared at the time of enrolment, you need to visit your nearest update center or request through post.

Follow these instructions to make changes to your AADHAAC card.

  1. open Update the portal.
  2. Enter your aadhaar number and captcha, click Send OTP.
  3. You will see the new box Enter the received OTPEnter the code you received on your mobile and login.
  4. Select the field you want to update. You can select multiple fields.
  5. Fill all fields with current details in English and local language. (For more details, see Instructions for Filling Aadhaar Update Form)
  6. Attach self-attested documents as per list of valid documents.
    [list type=”plus”]
    [li]Name correction/update: “Requires PoI listed in Proof of Identity (PoI) document supported” on documents containing name and photo for name correction/update.[/li]
    [li]Correction of Date of Birth: DoB required listed in “Supported Proof of Birth (DoB) Document”.[/li]
    [li]ADDRESS CORRECTION/CHANGE : PoA listed in “Proof of Address (PoA) Document containing Name and Address” is required.[/li]
  7. Verify all data in English and local languages. Your date of birth and any numerical data will not be displayed in the local language.
  8. Submit the request and note down Update request number (URN) for the future. You can download or print copies of update requests.
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Instructions for Filling Aadhaar Update Form

  • Fill all details in English and local language. The portal will activate the local language that was used during registration.
  • Please fill in current details only. There is no need to fill your old name or address. Fill in only current and updated information.
  • Do not use salutations/titles like Dr, Mr, Mrs etc.
  • DoB should be in DDMMYYYY format. Resident can change his DoB only once. Make sure you are updating the correct date.
  • Enter your full address, your card will be delivered to this address only. If you face any problem with pin code or any other related data, contact UIDAI contact center [email protected]
  • If you want to include the name of guardian / parent / spouse as part of your address, select the appropriate box in the C/o details and enter the name of the person in the next field. It is not mandatory to use C/o in the address, it is only used to deliver your Aadhaar card.
  • If you want to update/correct C/o details only, you need to fill complete address and submit proof of address (PoA). It is OK if C/o details are not mentioned in your PoA document.
  • You must be available on mobile for verification. Application status will be informed by sending SMS to his mobile number.
  • Check all details before you submit.
  • Self-attest the documents you are submitting. Your name must be clearly mentioned below the signature while self-attesting the documents.
  • You don’t have to submit all the document proof again. Submit only the documents required to support the change/amendment. For example, if you change your address, you don’t need to submit DoB proof.
  • Aadhaar letter will not be given to address for mobile number update. It will be distributed only in case of name, address, date of birth and gender update/correction.
  • Submitting information does not guarantee Aadhaar data update. All information submitted is subject to verification and validation. Furnishing of wrong information/suppression of information will result in rejection of application and you may face penal provisions under prevailing law.
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