Aadhaar Card Application Form – Online Download

Download Aadhaar Card Application Form Online – Application Form to Apply For New Aadhaar Card

I wrote a separate article regarding applying for a new Aadhaar card. In this post, I will be discussing downloading the Aadhaar card application form online. The application form is even available at the enrollment center but downloading it online can be helpful. You can save quite an amount of time by downloading and filling it out. You need not do the same process at the enrollment center then, just hand over the filled form to the official.

Note: To save more time and skip long lines, you are advised to book Aadhaar Card Enrollment Appointment Online.

In this article, I will be helping you to download and fill out the new Aadhaar card enrollment application form. Let’s Get Started

How to Download Aadhaar Card Application Form Online

To get your copy of aadhaar card enrollment application form online follow these steps :

  • Download it from HERE
  • Once downloaded, you need to take the printout
  • Now when you have the hard copy of Aadhaar card you must start filling it out. Below is the screenshot of Aadhaar card application form
Aadhaar Card Application Form

The Fields that are compulsory to be entered by you are :

  1. Field 2: NPR Receipt/TIN Number – If you have the National Population Register Survey slip available, enter it. Of note, leave this field empty
  2. Field 3 – Name
  3. Field 5 – Date of Birth / Age
  4. Field 6 – Address
  5. Field 7 – Relationship. Note: This field has to be entered by the guardian of the Child below 5 years. It is also important to bring the Proof of Relationship document(copy plus original)
  6. Field 8 – Consent
  7. Field 9 – Bank Account
  8. Field 10 – Write the name of the documents that you have attached. To find the list of valid documents click here
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Do not enter any other fields as they will be entered by the officials.

Note: In case you don’t have any proof, you may get enrolled through an introducer

Now as you have successfully filled out the aadhaar card application form, attach the photocopies of the documents and visit the enrollment center.

Note: Do not forget to carry original documents too, they are required for verification.

Filling up the EID Number in the Aadhaar Card Application Form :

To enter your EID number, you need to enter your Enrollment number and date ( As presented in the enrollment slip) without any space. Take a look at the image

Aadhaar Card Application Form
Filling EID in Aadhaar card application form

I hope this article will help you in downloading the aadhaar card form and filling it out.

The application form is important while applying for a new aadhaar card.

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